Toronto Wedding Videographer / Some of Our Favourite Songs for Wedding Films, Part I

Christian Peterson1 Comment

Every couple has this moment when they face a big question: what music to use for my wedding film?

Since we use The Music Bed for our music licensing, and in order to save our couples some time - they do have quite an extensive library! - I've decided to put together a list of songs that we think would be either perfect or really fun and off key for a wedding film.

We'll have an extensive blog post on how choosing music for bridal videos soon, but in the meantime, enjoy this little music selection by your favourite Toronto wedding cinematographer.

Please note that we only use each song once, so we'll be editing this list as our couples pillage it! ;)

'Fields / One Day You'll See the Son' by The Painted Pianos
Sounds: Pretty Electronic, Indie, Pop, Fun and Positive
Why? Because being different is fun; because you like a slightly heavier sound but don't want to go completely off the map.

'Human Man' by Johnny Stimson
Sounds: Pop, Smooth, Easy to listen to
Why? A good pop song that has a really nice feel to it, good for people that don't want to go with a song that's too acoustically romantic

'Tonight' by Secret Nation
Sounds: Pop, Singer-Songwriter, Indie, Mellow
Why? Good song if you want your video to feel a bit calmer, more unique, but still have some kick to it. It's romantic and evokes beautiful emotions, perfect for a slower edit for a more intimate wedding.

'Once In a Lifetime' by Landon Austin
Sounds: Pop, Singer-Songwriter, Smooth, Romantic
Why? Beyond the obvious wedding-themed lyrics, Landon's track is perfect for the couple that wants a very soft edit that's more on the romantic side. Would work well for a more low-key wedding, perhaps by a campfire, or on a beach

'She Is In the Air (The Collection Version)' / Green River Ordinance
Sounds: Country, Calm, Slower
Why? If you're into country and want a relaxed song that can carry images smoothly, this might be right for you. If honesty, spirituality and family are things you cherish, this might well work for you.

'Always Been You' by Marie Hines
Sounds: Singer-Songwriter, Indie, Romantic
Why? Marie Hines is always a good choice for wedding films, as her songs have good variety and breaks, instrumental sections, and messaging that's super on point. Romantic but not too mushy.

'You Are Mine feat. Spencer Combs and Holley Maher' by Secret Nation
Sounds: Singer-Songwriter, Smooth, Mellow, Calm, Cinematic
Why? Super smooth, very emotional and cinematic song that builds up slowly and features incredibly beautiful vocals.

'When I'm With You' by Ben Rector
Sounds: Pop, Rock, Romantic, Indie
Why? Ben really knows how to craft a love song that makes you feel great, and this one is no exception. Start mellow and quickly builds up into a lively beat, would make for a great edit.