Ashley + Rob 'My Lover from Sheet F' / Black Creek Pioneer Village Wedding Cinematography

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Rob and Ashley had been curling at the The Royal Canadian Curling Club for a year and, while they hadn't interacted much, he knew he liked her from the get-go. But Ashley thought Rob was a loudmouth, telling everybody how to curl, all up in their grill (her words, not mine). But then one fateful Tuesday night, Ashley was sitting with her team after a game and Rob saw an empty seat beside her. He seized the moment and swiftly flew over the couch to her side. They laughed and talked the night away and Ashley's initial impressions dissipated as they discussed their favourite TV show, 'Suits'. He told her he was a hopeless romantic and everything changed. The girl from Sheet A and the boy from Sheet F quickly became inseparable.

From the start, everybody knew this was a special kind of love, something that some people strive for their whole lives. Their friends knew. Their families knew. Ashley knew. Rob knew. They knew they were in it for the long haul. And so one night, at Kramer's Bar and Grill, while they were singing Jason Mraz's 'I Won't Give Up' together, Rob got down on one knee and proposed. This was to be another stepping stone in their relationship, with the proposal song becoming an important part of their shared history, as you'll see in their Highlights Edit.

And so, in August of 2014, roughly two years into their relationship, they tied the knot at Black Creek Pioneer village in Toronto. Their day wasn’t so much about a new promise as it was about celebrating what had been there all along. It was an occasion to honour profound friendships and bring families together, to sing their hearts out and to dance the night away.

From a wedding cinematography standpoint, the day was as smooth as can be, with everything happening in a single location and with an incredible sense of collaboration between us and their Toronto wedding photographer extraordinaire, Erika from
Ten·2·Ten Photography (who shortly afterwards became a true friend). it felt nice to meet someone who, beyond just doing her job well, brings an amazing energy to every moment!

Here's to finding love across the ice and persevering, and to making friendships that last a lifetime!

The Creatives

Toronto Wedding Photographer: Ten·2·Ten Photography
Cinematography: One Heart Films
Band: Arden & the Tourists
Cake: Christina Arduini
Decor: Leonie Segall
Florist: Coquette Studios
Hair: Maria Costa
Makeup: Natasha McKenzie
Makeup: Emmy Broadbent
Officiant: Paula Da Nova