Nancy + Kyle 'The Homecoming' / Hernder Estates Winery, Niagara Wedding

Christian PetersonComment

Some love stories take time and happen over time, like those of high school sweethearts. Other, like Nancy and Kyle's, are serendipitous and revolve around a single moment that could never have happened, an intersection in the lives of two people that could well have remained strangers. Some people call it fate, others say some things are 'meant to be'. Whatever the case may be, this is one of these stories!

A few years ago, while Kyle was playing for the AHL Hamilton Bulldogs, he was at a restaurant eating with his teammate and out came beautiful Nancy, who happened to be assigned to waiting his table. After some courting they started dating, with Kyle travelling as part of his professional hockey career. With his home in Alberta and hers in Southern Ontario, it wasn't always easy. But it felt right. And so their love blossomed and they eventually both moved to Arizona as Kyle resumed his NHL career with the Phoenix Coyotes. From there, they planned a wedding that would take place almost 2,000 miles Northeast. But with the help Nancy's sisters and family, and the participation of Kyle's Albertan friends & family, it all came together as day focused around friends and family, a beautiful, intimate celebration of the kindness, friendship and love between all involved.

So here it is, Nancy and Kyle's 'homecoming' Niagara wedding at Hernder Estates Winery.