Darlene + David / King Valley Golf Club Wedding

Christian PetersonComment

The first thought that comes to mind when thinking of Darlene & David's wedding day is that they truly are so right for each other! Somewhere, between David's quirky, fun-loving personality and Darlene's kindness and real-ness, there's a perfect middle, a meeting point where it all makes sense.

Love is a construct, something that takes work and isn't necessarily serendipitous. As Darlene put it in her speech: "I love that our story isn't perfect."

Being real is at the core of what we do at One Heart Films, and having couples that dare say things like this warms our heart. We believe that finding love is a journey, and sometimes things take time to happen, or they happen in unexpected ways; like when a young man and a young woman meet at a summer painting job and he tells her he "doesn't feel like talking right now" and yet, somehow, they develop an 11-year relationship that culminates with a beautiful wedding day celebration.

What we loved about this wedding: David's amazing royal blue suit, the way Darlene's veil floated in the wind perfectly, and their parents' reactions, ranging from exuberance from oh-so-real tears of joy.

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Photographer: Photographs by Caileigh
Location: King Valley Golf Club
Chris Platt
Ring: Everlast Diamond