Esther + Mike / Langdon Hall Wedding

Christian PetersonComment

When our friend Heidi - of Heidi Lau Photography – reached out to ask us to document her sister's wedding, we were so excited (she is, after all, the first photographer on our referral list).

And then we actually met Esther and Mike, and that excitement grew, because it was clear from the start that Esther and Mike would become good friends of OHF. As we moved through the wedding planning process – and, along the way, helped Esther's bridesmaid Rosy's boyfriend Henry propose to her – we got to know two people that care deeply about those around them.

And then September came, and as we headed to beautiful Langdon Hall, the rain that came down seemed unimportant, almost unnoticeable. The bride and groom got ready, and we slowly grew closer to their siblings and parents, friends and nieces. Following some door games that included a memorable Backstreet Boys cover, E & M saw each other for the first time, and the day was underway!

Through a gorgeous ceremony, a dinner filled with lovely speeches and hilarious games, and a first dance illuminated by friends, Esther & Mike's wedding turned out to be all about friends and family, about focusing on the things that matter, and about sharing a good meal... just the way it should be!

Make up : Artistrhi
Hair : Puzzle Creations
Bow-tie : TYTAN
Bridal Gown : Tara Keely
Bridal Shop : Kleinfeld Bridal
Florals : Blush and Bloom
Venue : Langdon Hall

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