Angela + David / Nestleton Waters Inn Wedding

Christian PetersonComment

Oftentimes, when we discuss wedding film ideas with our couples, we chat about how distance shapes relationships, how serendipity is so precious, how our families shape who we are, how we can grow from complete strangers into each other's biggest fans, and so on. And then, once in a while, two people come to us with a story that can be told simply, in all but four words: it's always been you.

Enter Angie and David, who sat beside each other in grade one (he remembers it, she doesn't) and started dating at the end of high school. We didn't know this when we met them, but they've been each other's everything for a long time - ten years! What does that level of knowing each other look like? Well, when we showed up at the house to shoot Angela getting ready, the boys sneaked in like goofy teenagers; when they read each other's cards, they both cried so much reading that we needed multiple takes; when their 'official' first kiss happened, they had already kissed four times during the ceremony; and when they had their first dance, it felt more like a hundredth dance, silly faces and bows and all; In their wedding films, we tried to reflect all that: the comfort, the happiness, the playfulness that come with saying "we learned all this together, now let's do it all over again... and forever."

And so, as you watch the highlights film for Angela & David's Nestleton Waters Inn wedding, try and look for all this: that history in their eyes, those wordless expressions of love. There's comfort in the arms of someone that has known you since before you even fully knew who you were yourself. Speaking of A & D's relationship, the bride's sister said it best: "There was a time when I told Angela I didn't believe in relationships that started during childhood, because people simply grow up, and then grow apart. But I'm glad I was wrong about the two of you. You guys have turned me into a believer that puppy love can turn into true love, and that people can grow together rather than apart."

Angela and David, we wish you many more tens of years of discovery, of tender gazes and silly smiles, of true love.



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