Kiran & John / Toronto Botanical Garden Wedding

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bride with henna reading wedding card
Indian bride laughing in Toronto

The first word that came to mind when writing this post about Kiran and John's wedding was togetherness. As their two families went through the weeklong Toronto wedding festivities, relatives from around the GTA and all the way from the UK not only met, but bonded; strangers quickly became friends - so much so that invitations to visit and stay over were made - and, through many shared drinks, everyone came together.

We first met John a few years ago when we filmed his brother Matt’s wedding. And we're so happy that, in the years since, he met Kiran, who changed his life forever. Now flanked by a smart, strong and beautiful woman, he went from being a best man to being the man

The week-long multicultural wedding was a dialogue between two cultures, with Kiran’s heritage highlighted in an ‘Indian night’ that included bhangra dances and a sangeet ceremony, and John’s with a beautiful Chinese tea ceremony.

Pouring tea at traditional Chinese tea ceremony
groom celebrating at Indian wedding
mother giving bride gold bracelet at traditional tea ceremony
partying at Indian wedding night

It was a joy to capture Kiran and John’s beautiful Toronto Botanical Garden wedding, especially with our friend and Toronto wedding photographer Heidi Lau photographing the event.

As you watch their Highlight Film, you’ll witness many youthfully giddy moments, including the time when John goes in for the kiss at the altar too soon, and then has to patiently wait until it’s actually time to kiss Kiran, how they gleefully enter the reception, or the hilarious dance between the two dads at the reception.

At the end of it all, it's John that said it best: in each other they see not only a husband and a wife… they see home.

Photographer: Heidi Lau Photography
Venue: Toronto Botanical Garden