Wedding Film Music 2018 Picks

MusicChristian PetersonComment

For many couples, finding the right music is one the most important, yet somewhat confusing, things they have to do when it comes to their wedding film. While we've outlined how to pick music for wedding films in a previous blog post, we wanted to share a few of our favourite new Music Bed tracks for the summer. Without further ado, here are six songs that we'd love to edit to this year!

Brand New
by Ben Rector

Why? Ben Rector is the all-star wedding singer-songwriter of Music Bed. Soft and sweet, Brand New will carry you wedding film, allowing the images to feel at once happy and emotional.

by Secret Nation

Why? If you want a slower, softer, indie-feeling wedding film, Secret Nation's music is always a good way to go.

by Secret Nation

Why? Positive and high energy while retaining a soft touch, Believe feels like a love letter to summer. If Coca-Cola made a commercial with a truly indie artist, it might sound like this.

All My Heart
by Aaron Krause

Why? Nice and emotional, with a slower buildup and clean sections, All My Heart is ideally suited for wedding films using live audio content from cards, vows or speeches as the emotional core of the story. Plus, it's on the longer side at 5:03, leaving plenty of time for the day to play out.

This Love
by Tyler Williams

Why? If you're into slower, mellower music, This Love might be the one for you. Perfect for a romantic backyard or lakeside wedding

by Animal Island

Why? Youthful and energetic, Together is full of little pockets of emotion and opportunities for integrating live sound. Its multi-voice chorus also makes it feel like a love-full family affair.

Dare Me
by Hotel Apache

Why? Contagiously positive, Dare Me is peppered with bright vocals and playful synths. Perfect for a wedding film filled with friends and laughter, a piece that retains a bit of romance without taking itself too seriously.

Thousand Love Songs
by The Light The Heat

Why? On the cinematic end of things, Thousand Love Songs is romantic and emotional, with a clean structure that can let the images speak for themselves.

by Marie Hines

Why? If you're an eclectic and creative couple that wants an off-beat wedding film, give this one a listen. It's got a hint of electronica-infused mysticism. In all honestly, I'm not quite sure how a wedding film would feel cut to this, but it would be so original, and such a wonderful editing challenge.