Produced by One Heart Films in collaboration with BarreWorks, Bridewell is a bridal lifestyle web series that focuses on wellness, positivity, and staying true to yourself. Every episode, we’ll be chatting with industry professionals for tips and tricks on how to deal with things like stress management, hair, makeup, and how to surround yourself with a strong community during your wedding planning process. Our goal with the #BridewellSeries is to encourage and promote positive ways for women to boost their wellness and build self-confidence – not just for their wedding day but for the rest of their lives.  We hope you'll follow us on this journey. 

bridewell, season I

Episode 6: Self-care with Miranda

Breathe, just breathe. Taking a moment to find your breath – even if it’s simply for a couple of seconds – can help to reground and reset yourself to feel present and calm in the moment. Self-care is the major inspiration behind Bridewell. We created this series with all the elements of wellbeing for brides in mind, including mental health, physical health, and building self-confidence. Our goal has been to encourage positivity throughout the wedding process. That’s why for our final episode of the #BridewellSeries we spoke to Barreworks Instructor, Miranda Meijer, on the importance of introducing self-care into your routine, ending the series perfectly on a positive and reflective note. 

Thank you for joining us throughout the Bridewell journey. We truly believe that your wellness should come first. We created the Bridewell series with this in mind – we hope we were able to provide some much-deserved support for every bride and bride-to-be before their special day.

Episode 4: Hair Care with Ladylyn

Whether you decide to keep your hair style simple on your wedding day or you're opting to make a drastic change, like dyeing your hair from blonde to brunette, the most important thing is to wear your hair with confidence! Your hair is the most personalized accessory you have, so whether it's pin straight, bob short, ultra curly or somewhere in between, how you choose to wear it on your wedding day should be distinctly you. In our fourth episode of the #BridewellSeries, we caught up with hairstylist Ladylyn Gool for some eye-opening tips on pre-wedding hair prep at the Barreworks studio. As the hairstylist for all our Bridewell episodes, we knew Ladylyn was the best person to talk to about some tips and tricks for hair that will look great, both in photos and walking down the wedding aisle.

Episode 2: Community with Phoebe

In the months leading up to your wedding, it can be difficult to stick to the original vision you had for your special day. That's why it's so important to surround yourself with a good community – family, friends, vendors – who will help you stay true to your values and stand strong in the decisions you make. We chatted with Phoebe of Phoebe Lo Events at the Barreworks studio about the importance of building that positive community for our second episode of the #BridewellSeries! As a longtime Toronto wedding planner, Phoebe had some great advice on how to filter through all the different resources for the wedding planning process and how to surround yourself with a great team that supports you every step of the way. 

Episode 5: Style with Hattie

You don’t have to have your personal style completely figured out in order for your wedding look to be a success. Drawing inspiration from your own hobbies and lifestyle can help narrow it down: sometimes simply staying true to yourself is enough to feel confident on your special day. In our fifth episode of the #BridewellSeries we asked jewelry designer Hattie of Hattitude Jewellry for advice on how to design a wedding that's distinctly yours. We chatted about ways to get inspiration from online sources, creating a vision board, trusting your gut, and paying attention to the little details to pull a look together.

Episode 3: Skincare with Dawna

Having a strong connection and sense of trust with the person applying your makeup is so important – they need to share your values and, more importantly, also understand that it's not just about improving your complexion or covering up flaws! Good makeup artists will know how to accentuate the beauty you carry within so that it radiates out on your wedding day. We chatted with the incredibly talented makeup artist Dawna Boot at the Barreworks studio to find out more on how to foster that special relationship as well as skin prep tips for this third episode of the #BridewellSeries! Dawna is also the makeup artist for all our guests on the series, so if you want to see out more of her work, check out the rest of our Bridewell videos!

Episode 1: Posture with Joanna 

In our first episode of the #BridewellSeries, we chatted with Barreworks studio manager and barre instructor, Joanna Eisen, about how strengthening your back can help you improve your posture so you can feel your best on your wedding day. Watch her interview with Bo for tips and tricks on posture. She also showed us some great tutorials on at-home exercises that you can do to build your back – and your confidence – for that special moment when you walk down the aisle.