Hi Pauline & Rob!

I'm so happy that you've chosen to have me and my colleagues at One Heart Films document your upcoming big day. It'll be a tremendous honour to stand with you as you declare your love for each other, and one I take seriously. But fear not, we'll keep things light for you too and will do everything possible to alleviate stress for you as things unfold, so that you can focus on the excitement and how you feel rather than the process itself.

Focus on all the little moments, on the fractions of seconds where the magic happens, and take the time to live through them!

So, let's get started!


Our welcome booklet can be consulted & downloaded at the link below (FYI: it's iPad-sized, for added convenience). It's a handy document that contains information about our unique process, but also ideas, tips, and tricks, on how to make your wedding day manageable for us, your cinematographers, while keeping it undeniably personal and genuine.

Get the welcome booklet HERE


questionnaire in a few minutes that includes eight questions about you and your love story that will help us come up with thematic ideas to truly personalize the work we create for you. This allows us to hear both your perspectives and really get to the core of your relationship and what gives it meaning. So, take some time, when you want, to look through them, and when you're done, press send. Once that's done, I'll brainstorm some ideas and come back with you with potential themes, visual ideas, etc., to ensure the work we do truly represents who you are.

Answer your couple's questionnaire HERE


For your convenience, we have created a shot list form for you to fill out with names of main family members or friends that you would like to be captured on camera on your wedding day.

Fill out your Shot List HERE